Rolls-Royce Receives Largest-Ever Fleet Order For Macau Luxury Hotel


If one were so inclined to visit Macau for a bit of gambling, they could hitch a ride to their hotel through one of the many cabs running throughout the city. However, those who will stay at entrepreneur Stephen Hung’s Louis XIII hotel upon its opening in 2016 will be able to paint the town red in a red Rolls-Royce.

Hung’s purchase of 30 Rolls-Royce Bespoke Extended Wheelbase Phantoms is not only the largest fleet order of such vehicles ever for the luxury automaker, but two of the fleet will be the most expensive units ever assembled.

Twenty-eight of the bespoke fleet will have plenty of interesting touches to the exterior and interior — likely designed to match the hotel through and through — including bespoke clocks from Graff Luxury Watches. The remaining duo will also boast added gold-plated accents decorating the Phantoms’ skin and interior space.

As for when one might be able to hitch a ride in one of these Phantoms, the fleet will go in service at the same time the Louis XIII hotel opens its doors in 2016. For its part, Rolls-Royce will have a hand in designing the parking and driveway spaces for the fleet to navigate, as well as train chauffeurs on how to properly drive and handle the bespoke vehicles.