Rolls-Royce Enters Premium SUV Game In All But Name


Rolls-Royce made it official Wednesday: The automaker is entering the premium SUV game with its own SUV, or, rather, “high-bodied car.”

The upcoming SUV is expected to demonstrate the “exceptional presence, elegance and purpose” found in the premium marque’s other offerings, combining the “pioneering, adventurous spirit of Charles Rolls” with “Sir Henry Royce’s dedication to engineering and innovation” in so doing.

Led by design boss Giles Taylor, the “high-bodied car” will feature an all-new aluminum architecture, and is meant to meet its customers’ “highly mobile, contemporary lifestyle expectations,” no matter the terrain.

Aside from Rolls-Royce’s promise to take its time “developing and perfecting this new concept in luxury,” however, a date of arrival is unknown; speculation points to 2018 as the earliest the SUV would arrive in showrooms.