Report: Volkswagen Officially Recalls Dirty Diesels in Germany, Fixes Start January

1.6 TDI Motor ( EA 189 ):  Strömungsgleichrichter (Einbau: Bild 1 von 6)

Volkswagen will officially recall all of its illegally polluting diesel engines in Germany, German newspaper Die Welt reported Monday (via Reuters), the first step in a wave of recalls to fix 11 million cars worldwide.

Roughly 2.5 million cars in Germany will be recalled — 1.5 million Volkswagens, 500,000 Audi and 500,000 Skoda- and Seat-branded cars — with work beginning in January. Last week, the German transportation authority approved Volkswagen’s fix for 1.6-liter cars, which included an “air calming” pipe ahead of the intake’s air sensor. The company’s 1.2- and 2-liter cars may only need software fixes.

Officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board will review Volkswagen’s proposal submitted earlier this month for fixing 482,000 cars in the U.S. It’s unclear what those fixes may be. During congressional testimony in October, Volkswagen of America chief Michael Horn said it would be a combination of hardware and software fixes.

According to the report, Volkswagen needed to submit a comprehensive plan to fix its cars in Germany by Monday.

The proposed hardware fix for its 1.6-liter cars would take less than one hour for dealers to complete, Volkswagen said. Updating software on its 1.2- and 2-liter cars would take 30 minutes.

The recall in Germany will likely be the roadmap for Volkswagen to recall its cars in other European countries. Although the recall only affects Volkswagens in Germany, similar regulations in EU28 countries mean that the same or similar fixes would likely apply there.