QOTD: Win on Sunday, Sell on What Day?

NASCAR Chevy Camaro

Yesterday, Austin Dillon won the Daytona 500 in a snazzy new Chevy. For this race season, GM has selected the Camaro ZL1 nameplate to represent the brand in NASCAR.

Of course, it’s been ages since any stock car bore more than a passing resemblance to its showroom counterpart. After all, rear-drive V8 Toyota Camry sedans are in notably short supply at my local dealer. The scourge of stage racing and a dwindling fan base are topics best left to another day.

This brings us to our QOTD for today – does a manufacturer’s investment into racing have any bearing on your buying decisions?

The production Camaro ZL1 is a superb beast, cranking 650 horses out of its supercharged V8. Two-door, rear-drive, and with a trunkload of bad-ass, it cuts the proper figure for NASCAR in this author’s opinion. I may have been excited last year upon learning Chevy was bringing the Camaro name to Cup-level NASCAR, only to weep upon viewing the number selected for its blue flanks. #GoodOldDays

Ford inexplicably continues to field the Fusion in top-tier NASCAR while Dodge vacated the sport ages ago after winning the championship with Penske, an accomplishment for which Dodge was rewarded with The Captain taking his toys to the Blue Oval camp. Toyota, as mentioned, runs a Camry-stickered machine.

Plenty of racing exists outside of NASCAR, of course, with plenty of recognizable shapes appearing in the IMSA series here in America and in the superb Supercar Championship in Australia. Those efforts consume an increasing amount of my viewing time these days, given my disenchantment with NASCAR and its ridiculous stages. I prefer to watch the Daytona 500, not the Daytona 60/60/80, thank you very much.

Even with the more recognizable machines in other events, does racing hold any sway over your pursestrings? I do think the halcyon days of factory paint-n-wallpaper NASCAR specials are long gone. There is an argument to be made that racing dollars are a good investment from an RD perspective, a view with which I tend to agree. How about you?

[Image: General Motors]