Not Wanting Owners to Play with Fire, Lamborghini Recalls 5,900 Aventadors, All Venenos


A recall report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will have some owners of Aventador and Veneno models donning their flame retardant suits before hopping behind the wheel.

A large number of Lamborghini Aventador and Veneno models apparently came from the factory with faulty EVAP systems, leading to improperly treated fuel vapors. The recall report indicates that with a full tank of fuel and in “particular handling conditions” there’s an increased risk of these faults, leading to engine fires. The particular handling conditions include doing “maneuvers” like over-revving the engine at idle. There’s an even greater risk of fire if the owner has implemented a non-approved aftermarket exhaust system.

Starting in 2015, Lamborghini received some claims from owners within the U.S. for irregular idling, engine shutdown at idle, and illuminated malfunction warning lamps. The problems were traced to a carbon canister saturation issue.

The issue affects 5,900 Aventadors and all 12 Veneno examples. Veneno owners will need to be extra careful, as that particular garage tenant wore a sticker starting at $4,000,000.

The NHTSA report indicates there are 1,453 total Aventador and Veneno variant Lamborghinis in the US. All were produced between March 22, 2011, and December 5, 2016.

[Image: Lamborghini]