Nissan-Renault Say They’ll Have 10 Self-driving Cars by 2020

Renault-Nissan to launch more than 10 vehicles with autonomous d

Nissan-Renault announced Thursday that it would have 10 cars on sale worldwide with autonomous features ready by the end of the decade.

Considering the photo provided by the automaker is of a Nissan Leaf, we can begin there.


The automaker announced Thursday that beginning this year, Nissan, Renault or Infiniti vehicles would be enabled with “single-lane control,� which will drive its cars on the “autonomously and safely in stop-and-go traffic on highways,� according to a Nissan spokeswoman.

(For comparison’s sake: Volvo’s Pilot Assist system works similarly in its XC90, which can pilot that car under 30 mph in a single, clearly visible lane. It’s unclear if Nissan’s system will work under similar circumstances.)

Nissan didn’t specify what cars the single lane system would be available in, nor what trim levels, but you and I know it’ll be in the Murano, at least. Maybe not the Versa Note, however.

The automaker also added that by 2018, some of its vehicles would be equipped with “multiple lane control� features that can switch lanes and avoid road hazards. By 2020, its cars will have intersection control that will navigate city streets and intersections without driver control, according to Nissan.

Nissan didn’t specify if its self-driving features would come standard on its models, only to say that they would be on “mainstream, mass-market cars at affordable prices,� according to the statement.