Mercedes-Benz to Preview New Police Vehicles in Germany, Promises They’ll Be ‘Electrifying’

Daimler Police Cars Euro

Daimler will be present at this week’s General Police Equipment Exhibition Conference to showcase its new law enforcement units. While Mercedes-Benz patrol vehicles are fairly common in the fatherland, Daimler may be seeking to broaden appeal within Europe and beyond. Don’t expect a sudden rush of imported squad cars for North America, however.

The only possible exception would be the Sprinter van. The NYPD currently fields a large number of E-Series vans as “Paddy wagons” but has started replacing them with the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The city also uses Smart ForTwos as parking enforcement. Likewise, the LAPD has also expressed an interest in adopting the Sprinter as a transport vehicle but chose the BMW i3 as its small unit intended primarily for virtue signaling. 

The Smart brand will be present at the police exhibition. However Daimler’s fourth-generation lineup consists entirely of zero-emission versions of the ForTwo, ForTwo Cabrio and ForFour. The electric trio have a Euro-claimed range of 99 miles between charges — a domestic analysis of the 2018 ForTwo yielded 58 miles of range.

Mercedes’ Sprinter will receive a battery option in 2019 while the smaller Vito (Metris) already has an EV option available. Both units can currently be equipped with the applicable police packages. According to the release, the Vito is intended as a “radio patrol” unit while the Sprinter is supposed to be a “team vehicle.”

Daimler’s policing portfolio also includes the new X-Class — the pickup , based on the same platform as the Nissan Navara/Frontier, that Benz didn’t think America deserved. Law enforcement upgrades include extensive suspension tuning and ventilated disc brakes.

Also added in the lineup is the updated E-Class wagon, which features a new diesel engine and numerous safety systems. It was accompanied by the GLC 350e 4Matic, a plug-in hybrid version of the the brand’s compact SUV. While the car is no slouch, with enough power to deliver a 6.2 second 0-to-60 time, Mercedes chose to focus primarily on the model’s efficiency saying “plug-in hybrids represent a key technology on the road to the locally emission-free future of the automobile.”

The vehicles will be on display at the General Police Equipment Exhibition Conference between February 20th and 22nd in Frankfurt, Germany — ready to prove to the world that Daimler can comply with Europe’s RDE (Real Driving Emissions) legislation and provide “electric mobility” to law enforcement.

Daimler Police Cars GLC 350

[Images: Daimler]