“…and Re-vulcanize These Tires!” Bentley Spares Owners from the Hassle of Pumping Gas

2017 Bentley Bentayga:

You’re a busy person, and standing at a gas station with a nozzle in your hand is for plebes.

Not to put too much of undergrad term paper slant on it, but that’s what Bentley silently suggests by rolling out a trial fuel delivery service for its owners. The ultra-luxury automaker has teamed up with U.S. tech startup Filld to offer the perk.

For the next three months, Bentley owners in California can have gasoline delivered to their vehicle via an app. Because the service (called “Filld for Bentley”) is meant to be the ultimate in convenience, that means anytime, anywhere. Owners simply open an app and request the filling time — the vehicle’s connectivity functions and the Filld app work together to locate the vehicle and unlock the fuel cap.

The automaker calls it “concierge fuel service,” which brings to mind images of a silver urn rolled in on an ornate teak dolly. Perhaps even a decanter. (And how will these deliverymen be dressed?)

The trial could herald a permanent fuel delivery service, though the automaker claims it will first weigh owner feedback. Bentley says it sees the two companies working together on other convenience-based initiatives.

Christophe Georges, Bentley’s product and marketing director, said in a statement that the company is looking at ways “to offer our customers tailored, convenient, smart services that afford them the greatest luxury of all: more time.”

Filld, a San Francisco-based startup that raised $3.25 million in seed funding last fall, first offered its fuel delivery services in the Silicon Valley area.

[Image: Bentley Media]