Add Renault Alaskan to List of Cars Not Sold in Their Namesake Markets


Renault has released their latest global pickup concept, the Alaskan, and by global they mean almost everywhere except Alaska.

Go figure.

Regardless, the Alaskan looks like a beefed-up version of the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup concept revealed in Detroit. Renault said the Alaskan is part of a new global push for their LCV business. We bet Mercedes will have something to say about this very soon.

While just a “concept”, expect the Alaskan to spawn a production model in short order … or maybe two models.

Mercedes, who’s been working with Nissan-Renault in a fairly cozy fashion as of late, also announced they will have a pickup for global markets that doesn’t include Alaska — or the rest of the United States. Remove the diamond logo, slap on a tri-star, and call it a T-Class.

A bi-turbo, four-cylinder diesel engine is said to live under the hood. Those turbos are asymmetrical, with the smaller of the two providing “smooth acceleration” and a larger turbo for power at higher speeds.

Renault said a new “one-tonne” pickup will be revealed early next year.