2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Teased Ahead of Chicago Debut With Factory Snorkel

Tacoma TRD Teaser CAS 2018

Toyota not-so-subtly confirmed that the Tacoma TRD Pro will soon be available with a factory snorkel via a teaser photo on Tuesday. The automaker wants to remind everyone that new Toyota Racing Development 4×4 models will appear at the Chicago Auto Show later this week.

Mounted high enough for the Tacoma to drive through miles of bumper-deep volcanic ash or water without suffocating the engine, the snorkel showcases Toyota’s commitment to off-roading — or at least the associated trappings.

Other than that singular detail, the Tacoma TRD doesn’t appear to have changed much in the teaser photo. However, we’re sure there will be more off-roading niceties on offer for the Tacoma, with possibilities for the same on the Tundra and 4Runner.

Ideally, we’d like to see the Japanese 4x4s get a boost in performance that can be enjoyed both on and off the pavement — especially the Tacoma. You know, something that might give Ford Raptor shoppers reason to take pause. We’re not expecting 450 horses, but a bump up from the Tacoma’s current 278 hp would be nice.

We’ll have our fingers crossed this week, as details on the new TRD models will unfold in Chicago on February 8th.

[Image: Toyota]